To produce solutions that meet these criteria, Hydrosix relies on open-source software that includes custom embedded Linux* enabled by the Yocto Project, running on systems based on the Intel® Atom™ processor.

The company’s sensor equipment passes data to its intelligent logger units, which also receive pictures uploaded from optional onsite cameras. The loggers collect data and communicate it back to central facilities and systems to support monitoring, modeling, and forecasting. Typical data points may include rainfall, surface water or groundwater levels, water flow rates, temperature, and humidity.

The solution benefits from the broad ecosystem of x86 software and hardware, which also supports future extensibility.

Develop a fullfeatured, intelligent environmental remotemonitoring solution that overcomes the limitations of a previous generation that was based on microcontrollers and firmware. Support new customer requirements for cameras and multichannel reporting while overcoming cost constraints and achieving fast time to market.

The Yocto Project enabled Hydrosix to create a custom embedded Linux* OS while overcoming obstacles related to effort, cost, and complexity to focus on the company’s core competencies.

Hydrosix met the project’s requirements with a standards-based solution that accommodates future expansion, within the company’s cost constraints, in just two calendar quarters.1