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WL16 Water Level Logger

WL16 Water Level Logger

Submersible Pressure Transducer and USB Data Logger Combination

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Product Description

Accurate and reliable datalogger and pressure transducer combination designed for remote monitoring and recording of water level and pressure data in groundwater pumping and sludge tests, stormwater flood analysis, and run-off, as well as surface water irrigation canals, streams, and river gauging.

The WL16 Water Level Logger is a datalogger and submersible pressure transducer combination designed to remotely monitor and record water level, pressure data, and/or temperature. The water level logger can record over 81,000 readings and has four unique recording options, fast (10 samples per second), programmable interval (1 second to multiple years), logarithmic, and exception. Multiple depth ranges are available from 3 to 500 feet of water level change.

Key Features:

  • Four sample modes: 10 times per second, timed, logarithmic, and exception
  • Highly accurate water level measurements
  • User-programmable start and stop alarms, engineering units, and field calibration setup
  • Wet-wet transducer eliminates vent tube concerns.
  • Automatic barometric pressure and temperature compensation
  • Well-built to support depths of 3ft to 500 ft
  • Can measure level and temperature

The WL16, Water Level Logger, is housed in a weather-resistant cylindrical enclosure, slips inside a standard 2-inch PVC pipe. The Water Level Recorders are easily adapted with standard hardware for wellhead mounting, stream, or other installations.  Two internal 9 VDC Alkaline batteries will typically power each of the Water Level Loggers for approximately one year, even if one of the batteries fails. A third onboard lithium battery ensures your data is safe in the event both 9V batteries fail. All Water Level Loggers include Windows and PDA software, allowing easy data upload on a laptop, desktop, or PDA for transfer to spreadsheet programs.

The vented submersible pressure transducer uses a unique silicon diaphragm to interface between your water and the sensing element. The diaphragm is highly flexible and touches the sensing element, producing a sensor with exceptional linearity and low hysteresis. A stainless steel micro-screen cap protects the pressure transducer diaphragm. The micro-screen cap has hundreds of openings, making fouling the sensor with silt, mud, or sludge virtually impossible.

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